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Dynamic foot scanning

The pelmatography device is a diagnostic tool, operating without radiation. It is a system of evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases of the feet and Musculoskeletal and kinetic gait analysis.

Force plates systems for biomechanics measure multiple points simultaneously in a dynamic and detailed pressure map. Pressure maps provide important, actionable information not available from a force plate, such as contact and peak pressure data across an area.

Pressure mapping also offers the ability to segment views by foot and even isolate ground reaction force and center of pressure by foot region, thereby furthering analysis into foot function, balance, sway, and more. Because of its versatility and capacity to isolate force measurements, pressure mapping is considered as an important element in gait analysis.

Holistic biomechanical assessment may identify musculoskeletal conditions and orthotic insoles may be issued for flat feet, leg length discrepancy, metatarsalgia, heel  pain and scoliosis.