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Verruca (warts)

A verruca is also known as a plantar wart and appears on the sole of the foot. They are the same as warts on any other body part and are caused by a virus, known as human papilloma virus (HPV).

Verrucas vary in size from a 1mm to over a centimeter and may vary in shape too. The surface of the verruca is usually covered with small black dots which are blood vessels and it is usually surrounded by hard skin.

Warts and verrucas are very common and nothing to worry about, although should be treated as they are mildly contagious. They are passed on via direct skin to skin contact or from the floors of swimming pools and showers. They can be passed to other areas of the body particularly the fingers. There is a higher risk of passing a verruca on if the skin is damaged or wet.

Wearing flip flops when walking barefoot and in the shower is advised and never share towels.

We do offer cryotherapy (freezing treatment) which is one of the most effective ways at treating plantar warts. Due to the fact that verruca are caused by the HPV virus, several treatments may be required.