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What are Orthotics?

Podiatric bio-mechanical orthotic devices,  are semi-permanent devices which are placed in the shoe to improve foot function. An orthotic may be designed to carry out any one or a combination of different functions .

We offer custom made insoles, which are moulded to our patient's feet. Since they are custom made orthotics, they require specialist knowledge in order to manipulate the foot into the ideal position for mould taking and various techniques are used. The end result of this process is a plaster cast of your foot which is held in the ideal position for walking and standing. From this the technician will fabricate a suitably corrective device from materials which vary from rigid plastic to soft foam. Often a combination of materials used.
Most people who consider using orthotics are suffering some form of pain, or at least discomfort, and will often be experiencing the first symptoms of some structural or functional abnormality of their feet or legs.

Usually these abnormalities can be revealed by a biomechanics examination.  Holistic biomechanical assessment may identify musculoskeletal conditions and orthotic insoles may be issued for:

- Flat feet/excessive pronation

- Scoliosis

- Leg length discrepancy

- metatarsalgia

- heel pain